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* Feminist Health Care Research Group
== Open Call Publications ==
* Geo Barcan (2021) ''Kid of the internet'', self-published. https://pzwiki.wdka.nl/mediadesign/Geo_Barcan:_Kid_of_the_internet
* Maddalena Fragnito & Institute of Radical Imagination, ''Zine'', self-published. https://instituteofradicalimaginationorg.wpcomstaging.com/
* Clara Gradel (2019) ''Lexicon'', self-published.
* Amélie Dumont (2021) ''ETC 2018 documentation'', self-published. https://gitlab.com/ameliedumont/etc-2018-documentation
* Jara Rocha & Manetta Berends ''x-dex'' (n.d.) https://iterations.space/files/iterations-x-dex.pdf
* Colectiva Feminista CódigoSur (2019) ''Guía de protección digital'' https://escuelafeminista.red/material/guiadeprotecciondigital.pdf
* Euna Lee and Nami Kim (n.d.) ''The K-Eldest Girl'' http://www.textyours.world/keldestgirl/indexk.html
* Alice Strete (n.d.) ''Techno/Cyber/Xeno-Feminism'' https://portfolio.alicestrete.me/xeno
* Alice Strete (2018) ''over/under'' https://portfolio.alicestrete.me/overunder
* Angeliki Diakrousi (2019) ''Let's amplify unspeakable things''
* Participants of /etc (2019) ''/etc Athens 2019''
== Zines/Publications ==
* Feminist Health Care Research Group http://www.think-tank.nl/health/zines.html
* The Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing http://daap.network/
* Lesbian Zine Belgium https://www.balbrussels.be/
* Amy Sou Wo, A Cookbook of Invisible Writing https://www.onomatopee.net/exhibition/hutong-whispers/#publication_2162
* Solidarity! Revolutionary Center and Radical Library https://archive.org/details/solidarityrevolutionarycenter
* Grrrl Zine Network http://www.grrrlzines.net/
* Independent Voices: An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press https://www.jstor.org/site/reveal-digital/independent-voices/feminist/
* MayDay Rooms https://maydayrooms.org/archive_home/
* Accessible Zines https://www.mapping-access.com/accessible-zines
* Nashville Feminist Collective Zine Accessibility Workshop https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2zIgbYvF83pUTVUVFFyYlAzQmM/view?resourcekey=0-4XkSiQ5SobD_vOqsXTUgnw
* Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation Laboria Cuboniks https://www.laboriacuboniks.net/20150612-xf_layout_web.pdf
* Memory of the World / Feminism https://library.memoryoftheworld.org/#/search/tags/feminism
* Publication Studio https://www.publicationstudio.biz/
* Collective Memories of Anarchaserver https://repository.anarchaserver.org/
* Cyber Feminist Index https://cyberfeminismindex.com/

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