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The Feminist Hack Meetings (FHM) are a series of research meetings and workshops that explore the potentialities and imaginaries of feminist technological collectives. These gatherings aim to challenge who counts as a hacker, and what counts as hacking. The diverse activities of these gatherings will include sociopolitical discussions around technology and feminism, storytelling, prototyping and skill-sharing, as well as art experiments. The sessions are open for anyone interested in technology and the processes of shaping it, to discuss and work together in four thematic sections (Feminist Servers, Care & Inclusivity, Speculative Fiction, Radio & Feminism).

FHM #0


Let's talk about feminist servers! In this meeting, we invite you to discuss questions like: What does it mean for a server to be feminist, and how could it look like? What and who does it serve? What does it take to create and maintain it? We would like to map and draw collectively our ideas and consider the possibility of setting up a feminist server at Varia, as a base for our practice. We will bring material (like RPis and computers) to start experimenting and trying things out. Join us!

The Feminist Hack Meetings are a series of informal research meetings and workshops that aim to explore the suggestions, urgencies and potentials of feminist hack & tech initiatives. We invite people, who are interested in technology and the processes of shaping it, to discuss and work together in matters of inclusion and exclusion in tech communities, feminist servers and hosting, autonomous communication services, archive and documentation. We will also include hardware and sound explorations.

FHM #1


An online day, hosted by Varia and facilitated by the infrastructure of Constant and Varia Broadcasts, dedicated to feminist servers.

This work session focuses on the migration of mailing lists between the old and the new server ran by feminists involved in the Systerserver project. It opens a discussion around volunteering time, skill-sharing and technical tasks within grassroots tech communities. Autonomous feminist servers projects often operate with hardware that has to be assembled as opposed to cloud hosting, and recreational care as opposed to paid work. Maintaining infrastructures on a donation basis results in a dynamic environment where the need for backups and migrations often arises and for many different reasons: hardware failures, memory and software upgrades, making space for other projects, moving files, moving to new servers and so on.

The workshop is made up of two parts. The first part is a technical hands-on migration organized by Mara, of one or more mailing lists of anarchaserver, hersunday and femservers communities, all hosted by the systerserver project — a necessary task that will conclude the move to the new server and allow the repurposing of the old server. Participants are invited to join in by actively documenting the process together and intervening with questions and thinking through the technical problems.

In the second part of the workshop, we will talk about the connections between feminist servers and the travel path of this migration. How are different responsibilities, roles, tasks communicated among members of feminist communities? What are the difficulties of such processes and how do we deal with them? We will have a collective reflection on the frictions between the required technical tasks, skills-sharing and knowledge-transfer, which are all required to share the responsibilities collectively.



FHM #2


Let's create a radiophonic piece together!

Reni Hofmüller will introduce us to radio and the idea of catching the waves artistically and technically. We invite you to join a radio improvisation work, by using and adapting the time- and material structuring method of the Polyphonic Ensemble (https://renitentia.mur.at/polyphonic.html).

Polyphonic Ensemble is a sound structuring system. Sound will be defined in a set of groups: language, rhythm, noise, silence. The participants become musicians/dj's/real time composers, choosing material from their own acoustic archives following these descriptions; they are subdivided in groups defined by colours; the composer becomes the conducter; the conducting material is a series of drawings that contain colour and sound specification, the conducter sets the timeline by switching from one drawing to the next. Based on printouts of the KORG Polyphonic Ensemble Reni sketched a visual structure for the improvisation work, and draw it on paper copies of the KORG signal pathing (https://ask.audio/articles/the-korg-prologues-core-connections-explained- the KORG: a syntheziser). The participants will choose 1 colour out of 3, and will follow the instructions (see: https://renitentia.mur.at/poly_slides.html) coming from the shared screen. Of course the sounds can be anything. There will be three sound groups: noise, rhythm and language. And that is basically it!

Through this collective radio work, we will engage with a techno-feminist approach; we will share responsibilities, deconstruct the roles of making together, distribute and create new ones, take care of each other's understandings, needs, and desires; taking things apart and observe them all together.