Zine binding

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Here we collect binding methods. We attempt to collect also methods that have been historically critical, feminist, queer, anticolonial and antiracist.



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  • Japanese Bookbinding
    • Some basics
      • Yotsume Toji (Four-Hole Binding) – the most common and straightforward style
      • Koki Toji (Noble Binding) – a Chinese variant, also known as Kangxi, which has two extra holes near the corners for additional strength and decoration
      • Asa-No-Ha Toji (Hemp Leaf Binding) – a variation of Kangxi with more holes, including corner stitching, creating a more elaborate and durable binding
      • Kikko Toji (Tortoise Shell Binding) – similar to Asa-No-Ha Toji, without stitching around the corners
    • simple instructions
    • More patterns and instructions https://www.creative.pitt.edu/sites/default/files/Japanese%20stab%20binding.pdf