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Link to the pad: https://pad.vvvvvvaria.org/fediseminar-261021

Research Mastodon Instances (15 min)

Example Instances
* https://queer.party/about
* https://mastodon.lol/about
* https://mastodon.green/about

Accounts (45 min)

Open account:

Answer these questions about your instance (also in the pad):

  • What is your handle?
e.g.: @lidia_p@post.lurk.org
  • What is the instance about?
  • Activity (how many users, frequency of local posts, etc)
  • Is the interface customized?
  • Is there a code of conduct and terms of service?
  • Is it easy to reach admins/moderators?

Play around (30 min)

  • Find and follow each other
  • Everyone try to post using the #Fediseminar hashtag
  • Comment each other's posts
  • Send personal messages
  • Play with different visibility settings of posts
  • Local timeline/Federated timeline
  • Customization settings -> Multicolumn view
  • Pin #Fediseminar hashtag to your default view

Testing the federation (30 min)


  • Search for @estragon@pixelfed.social from Mastodon
  • Comment on a Pixelfed photo
  • Look at the comment from the Pixelfed side


  • Load a PeerTube video in Mastodon :

Go to search bar of your Mastodon instance and copy paste this link: https://tube.4aem.com/videos/watch/21919523-e30c-47c9-8257-5af9093ea54a

  • Look at the comment from the PeerTube side